Perspective | Emotions Are Untrustworthy

Carl Niklaus Wallace
2 min readMay 18, 2021


How often do we feel, speak or act only to regret it later?

These actions are influenced by emotions. What does this say about the trustworthiness of our emotions if keeps misleading us?

Think of difficult experiences in your past and try observing them from a third-party perspective without emotion. Admittedly this can be difficult, but hindsight makes it easier. Think about what you felt and how you reacted.

In most instances directly after a situation or receiving bad news, emotion intervenes and takes over the steering of our thoughts and clouds logical thinking.

Thoughts, perceptions, and conclusions that form immaturely without sound logic or complete facts can most likely worsen a situation or create avoidable stress.

Avoiding rash action or retaliation requires a lot of focus and practice. Instant thoughts form instant words and are by far the hardest to control or prevent.

There are no quick fixes or overnight results. With persistent practice, you will gain more control over which emotions should stay and which should be tossed or at least placed on hold until you have more facts.

It helps to have two or three people you trust with your life who can help vet the information and prevent the emotion from escalating to regrettable words or actions. Have them on speed dial.

Remember, more often than not, everything is not as it seems.

Our minds are incredibly good at forming opinions or conclusions without enough information and unfortunately, we allow it because it is easier than waiting.

Listen to your emotions and reserve your reaction rather than trusting them blindly as they arrive.

When a person challenges you, grace them with your silence. The person will find your lack of reaction intolerable which gives you an instant win.

I believe perspective is a critical part of every aspect of life, especially in our relations with people. The difference in perspective is a root cause of conflict. An incorrect perspective could be destructive on a small scale as well as life-altering turning points.

One’s perspective forms through various factors of which emotion is an important one. Unwanted and unnecessary emotions should not influence your perspective.

An important consideration is that yours is not the only perspective.

Considering other’s perspectives first before settling on your own can most certainly lead to the best outcome of a situation.

While you can’t control how you feel directly, you can control how you choose to think — and then indirectly, change the way you feel.

Imagine the greater impact this could have on what you say and how you act not to mention your overall peace of mind.



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