Perspective: Take No Offence

Carl Niklaus Wallace
2 min readFeb 18, 2021

Negative feedback is the best feedback. A mentor taught me the value in chasing negative feedback vs fishing for compliments. Negative feedback provides growth and learning opportunities. If everyone keeps complimenting you but leave out the real important stuff, things you miss or overlook, how will you grow from there?

People get offended quickly when they receive negative feedback or criticism. To shield themselves from being offended they respond with either insult or blame, missing the point completely due to the difference in perspective.

The beautiful thing about feedback and criticism is that you can ‘use it, or lose it’.

You don’t have to overreact or force your point, if you don’t value the feedback then simply ignore it and say thank you or noted.

Often you might find yourself ignoring it at first, but with time and consideration you might see its value because it most likely comes from a good place.

The message might not come across perfect. Not everyone are good communicators and it might come from a position of anger or disappointment, but it doesn’t change its value nor its intentions.

Sift through the emotions and determine the value of the feedback.

The key here is understanding the other side’s perspective. They don’t have all the facts or experience of a situation like you do, their perception is based on what they get from you.

So if you make someone unhappy or disappointed, listen to what they are saying without responding.

Yes, their perspective might be far from the truth, but consider that what you might be doing or saying or not doing or not saying is what forms their perspective.

Instead of attacking, fill in the gaps, build the bridge or do what is necessary to gain similar perceptions.

Equal ground can be achieved without arguments or the forcing of one’s hand by carefully considering perspectives.



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